The story behind Martial Arts Essentials

MA Essentials is a young company founded out of the combined passion for wood, woodworking and martial arts. This passion is translated into handmade essentials to help you get tot he next level in martial arts.

Founder and owner of the company is Fabian van Kralingen. He has been an active entrepreneur for the last 12 years in woodworking and interior build, next to having a 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo. Because of increasing need for well-built high-quality in the martial arts community, a new business emerged; Martial Arts Essentials. In this brand Fabian can combine his professional knowledge of woodworking with his passion for martial arts.

The first plans for this business started al the way back in 2012, when Fabian was approached by James ter Beek (Sifu in Wing Chun and Jeet Kun Do). James asked if Fabian could fix his Wing Chun Dummy. Soon the question arised if he could make him a new one. This enticed Fabian to do full market research, production and the product itself. Now, 5 years later, we have an unequalled product for a very sharp price!

-Fabian himself during training, excecuting the dolleyo chaggi-

At MA Essentials we don't just value our products. We also value the environment; this is why we only use durable and sustainable materials. After all; it's our responsiblity to be careful with natural products such as wood, leather and precious metals which are becoming increasingly scarse. By buying smart with local gardeners and plantantion services we reduce our ecological footprint when producing our Essentials. Why not use that century-old tree that was going the be chopped down anyway? This way, we can make our beautiful products out of it and the tree won't become waste!

-Logs of ash at a local farm, sawn to big planks for MA Essentials to use-

How strongly we represent top quality and innovation, we at MA Essentials aren't omniscient. You, the martial artist, know like no other what you need to practice your sport and to get to that next level.

Is there an item that you cannot find in our shop but do have a need for? Contact us! We have a huge network of professionals and martial artists and we’re always willing to see if we can make you your own specific MA Essential. This way, we can build an even greater variety of products together.